Power of choice

Life gives you this amazing power: choice.    It is easy to forget that our lives are a product of our choices.  I heard from a great man that it is easy to look great when things are going well, but it is how you act when things are unfair that really tells people who you are.

When you are going through a difficult time someday, I hope I am able to encourage you that you always have a choice.   And you can gain a sense of power in that choice.  You are not the victim of your life, you are the master of it.  When you encounter circumstances that are unfortunate, I know you will have the grace to handle it with dignity and continue pressing on toward your dreams.

I hope you grow to expect that things will not always (uh, ever) go as you plan.  But that snags in your plan will open up doors to things you would never have imagined.  Let your creativity help you harness opportunity when it arises.

While the path is always changing, each new fork in the road gives you a chance to choose your way.  And, when someone who has traveled a difficult road gives you their improved roadmap for an easier way, might I suggest that you take it.

Oma says: “No babies until after you have your college degree.”  I listened, and man did that one pay off.

Opa says:  “Don’t buy a car with 100K if you don’t have the money to fix it.”  Three oops-cars later, I get it – he really was looking out for me.

….list to be continued


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