quiet moments

My love,

On a quiet Saturday morning you were diligently conducting an experiment at the sink while I wrote out the grocery list at the kitchen table.  The light drifted in and gently landed on your silky soft cheeks, and you captured my heart all over again.

Most Saturday mornings are filled with the bustle of getting to town, cramming in visits with friends and cousins, grocery shopping, and anything else we can squeeze in before collapsing for an after-dinner Netflix snuggle session (Go, Diego, Go!).  But on the rare occasion that I resist the go-go-go, you happily flit from one activity to the next, and the words “I’m doing an experiment!” are dependably announced by 10 a.m.

I caught these photos while trying not to intrude on your purely inquisitive moment.  The only sounds were the click of the shutter and the playful swirling of your fingers as they mixed up a slimy mess.

Love, Mommy



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