little change, big results


I learned a lesson this week:  Never underestimate the power of a little change.

Last weekend your father called to my attention the fact that you and I had been squabbling back and forth for the last two months and getting worse.    Once I came to grips with the problem (me), I was unwilling to let it go on one minute longer.  Out came the token board.   The moment I finished explaining that you could earn tokens toward a pool date with me by following my directions quickly you cheered and asked what you could do to get your first token.  Wow!  Over the course of a week, we probably spent 15 short minutes talking about tokens or doing tasks to earn them.  What was surprising was the complete change in your attitude from resistant to helpful, and all the compliments [like “she’s so respectful” and “what a good listener”]  from your teacher and perfect strangers.

I got so caught up in the problem I failed to do something about it.    The truth is, you don’t need a complete plan to begin.  When you are facing an new challenge you rarely have enough information to determine the best way out.  You just have to take one step at a time and be ready to adjust the plan when needed.  Failure provides the stepping stones to success.  Remember, “Yay, you failed!” (Disney’s ‘Meet the Robinsons’).

When in doubt, change something little, and you just might win big.   This time we both won, sister.   More amazing mom-dates to come.

Love,  Mom


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