carpe diem

Sweet Samantha,

I have been haunted by the feeling that every day there are important things I will forget to tell you when you grow up.  Moments I want to remember forever, but won’t.   I choose now to savor – capture – every delicious moment with creative, spunky, innocent little you.

This year I expect that you will…
humble me with your honesty,
surprise me with your sincerity,
frustrate me with your outrageous demands,
melt me with your smile (daily),
inspire me with your determination,
embarrass me with your wit,
bring me to tears, enrage me, and make me laugh until it hurts, all in the same day.

This year I expect that I will…
have at least a few “mom-of-the-year” moments,
write several apology letters to you here,
snuggle you every moment you allow it,
learn more about both of us,
feel proud of you every day,
have an “ah-ha” parenting moment that changes life for both of us,
pack some delicious school lunches (yes, gluten-free can be yummy, just wait!).

When I need help appreciating each moment, I know you will remind me of the important things (even though it’s not your job).

Thank you in advance, Samantha, for all the things we will experience together this year.   My heart overflows with excitement to watch you grow and change from a little girl into the amazing woman you are destined to be.

All my love,


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